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Handwriting analysis is a tool widely used to help individuals realize their potential
professionally or personally.

Basic Handwriting Analysis (personality traits)     $25.00

Natural Aptitudes Analysis     $30.00

Administrative Skills Analysis      $30.00

Relationship Compatibility Analysis  $50.00
(send samples of both person's writing)

Corporate Compatibility Analysis     $100.00

Areas for Growth Analysis    $75.00

Children’s Writing Analysis     $30.00

Business Aptitude Analysis   $30.00

Personal Consultation Appointment (Grand Haven, MI Only)   $75.00

Resume Sheet for Prospective Employers   $100.00

Speaking Engagements
(based on location and time)*

Parties (based on per person and time)*

Send sample of writing, email address, type of analysis service and payment
 in the form of check or money order to:
 M. N. Hitsman, P. O. Box 496, Grand Haven, MI 49417. 
You will receive your email analysis within 1-2 weeks. For expedited service, add $10.00

Questions answered  with regards to any of the above,  via email mnhitsman@yahoo.com

* Call (602) 885-5525 for quote.
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